Rueda de Casino Grand Prix 2022

Unfortunately, the Cuban weekend is cancelled. New date will come at the end of October.

Hector Oviedo/Tropical Sundsvall
Eusebio Crespo/Cubaritmos
Manuela Brito/Corriente Cubana

Registration is done on:
To register your team the following is needed:
1) Team name
2) Contact person, phone number, e-mail

The swish payment is made on:
Cuban World Music
Swish nr. 123 358 29 54

The Bank transfer to:
Cuban World Music
Ångermannagatan 128 BV
162 64 Vällingby

SEB 5385 11 228 28
For International payment
IBAN: SE81 5000 0000 0538 5112 2828 BIC:ESSESESS

All participants in the respective teams pay 1000:-/pers (compulsorily)
The price includes the following:
1) Registration fee for the champinonship 300:-/pers
2) Perfomance pass 700:-/pers (party selection pass with special price
for all workshops and all parties during the weekend)